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Add Global Shear to Your Vocabulary

Global Sheer

I am a mobility nerd. I love learning new ways to make my body move better and to feel better. I refuse to believe that anybody should live with pain and I still want to be able to stand up from the floor easily when I am ninety.

I am a Yoga Tune Up® teacher. The first day I rolled out my thoracic spine with Jill Miller’s massage therapy balls I was sold on her program for life. I could instantly breathe better and my shoulders and torso felt light and fluffy instead of tacked down and stuck.

So I carry a big bag of Yoga Tune Up® balls around with me, and everybody I share them with instantly fall in love. I have come to believe that they contain a little bit of magic.

I also have a big box of Coregeous® balls. They don’t get nearly as much action as their mini counterparts. If you are a baller and your Coregeous® ball is gathering dust in the corner, I am here to wake you up to your most neglected mobility tool.

Why I Love It

CoregeousThe Coregoues® ball is super grippy and squishy. Designed to be soft enough to roll your abdomen on it. If you have ever had a massage therapist dig in to the inside of your hipbones, you know just how delicate your abdomen is. This ball allows you to mobilize your core muscles, stimulate lymph drainage and release your diaphragm.  But we all knew these things already.

The question is have you ever used your ball for global shear?

Under your skin you have a layer of connective tissue. You also have connective tissue around your muscles, and even around muscle fibers, it’s everywhere. When you pin the Coregeous® ball in one place directly on your skin, and then spin your body slowly winding up the skin (and all the connective tissue attached to your skin and muscles) your fascia gets the opportunity to stretch, move, and untack itself from other surfaces. It’s like scratching an itch you didn’t even know you had.

This technique of “pin, spin and mobilize” instantly floods fresh blood into the area allowing the tissues to be hydrated and nourished. It instantly provides more freedom of movement and a feeling of “oh, yes please.”

I “pin and spin” my lats, my abdomen, and my pecs with the Coregeous® ball. I specially love it straight after an intense CrossFit workout when my muscles aren’t quite ready for a deep tissue massage with my small Yoga Tune Up® balls, but I need something to relieve me from the post workout muscles tightness.

This technique will boost your recovery time and refresh you after a tough workout.

Coregeous BallFor more information and mobility techniques I highly recommend Jill’s book The Roll Model. It has four hundred and thirty two pages of the best mobility information to nerd on. In the meantime enjoy this video with CrossFit Mobility king, Kelly Starrett along with Yoga Tune Up® queen, Jill Miller on how to liberate your thoracic spine.

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