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Beauty Finds

My Beauty Secrets

THE WORD “BEAUTY” is loaded  with positive  and negative connotations. And it’s so easy to get swept up in the changeable emotions of feeling beautiful one moment and ugly the next. The only way to feel confident in our media-driven society is to create your own definition of beauty. What this means for me is that I accept myself […]

Running Wild

Run like an Animal

I picked up my heavy  Burton bag from the conveyor belt and made my way through the Los Angeles airport, my eyes red and swollen after a sleepless flight from London. As I walked, I kept looking around to see if I could spot Anne’s slim athletic body somewhere in the crowd, but she wasn’t […]

Stefan Eisend Photography

Community Cycling

I’m ON A MISSION this week  to hunt down the ringleaders of community cycling in Fairfield, Iowa. Although Fairfield is a small town, its citizens have a big interest in fitness and health. My first stop is AJ’s Bike Shop, a local institution for bike lovers, where the eponymous owner greets me wearing a mechanic’s […]